Tutor Testimonials

Read what our clients say about us – a selection of recent tutor testimonials

“It was a pleasure to have Alexander as a tutor and staying with us for a time in Paris, to prepare the boys in a limited time for entrance tests into English schools in London, concentrating almost exclusively on English, with short detours into maths. He prepared lessons and corrected work carefully and he and Alison took a great interest in the boys’ progress and commenting on which might be suitable schools for them

“[Our tutor] was very kind and compassionate. She has a lovely manner with children and worked tirelessly to help meet the targets…” Headmistress, leading London pre-prep school

“[Our Tutor] started helping my ten and thirteen year old sons with English and Latin history only a few weeks before the Common Entrance exam for Winchester and, even in this short time, he’s transformed my son’s understanding and, more importantly, enjoyment of the subject. My sons look forward to his lessons and have learnt a huge amount from him. [Our Tutor] is highly intelligent and communicates sympathetically and effectively both the bigger picture and finer details.

“[Our tutor] had loads of experience with the entrance exams, supplying us with helpful sample papers and study materials. Best of all, he utterly charmed our daughter so that she surprised all her teachers with a high A in the Maths exam instead of her predicted C.”

“A (11 years ) says: [Our tutor} makes one work a lot but the results are excellent. He’s rather patient and helpful.
M (13 years ) says: a very good teacher, kind, patient, amusing.

“[She] also has a great deal of knowledge and experience of the school entrance exam system generally…”

“[Our tutor] is an absolutely excellent tutor – able to explain the subjects clearly and encouragingly, and also to help with exam techniques such as time-keeping and so on.

“Nothing has helped my children achieve better results and gain confidence more than the one on one tutor relationship.”

Tutor Testimonials